How to Make Decisions with Confidence

One of the things that I see high achieving professional women and entrepreneurs that I work with struggle with a lot is overthinking decision-making and just really not being sure of how to stop second-guessing themselves and stalling out on taking action. So today, I’m going to show you how to make decisions with confidence, because most of the time on the outside, as high achievers, we look like we have it all together. But on the inside, we’re like a hair away from losing their mind and feeling overwhelmed. And honestly, people don’t even know how much we really second guess ourselves, because to them, we just like we got things up. 

One of the number one reasons you struggle with making decisions is that you value what other people think too much, you’ve got to stop asking other people what you should do. Stop asking other people, What would you do in this situation? How do you think I should handle this? Stop. You’ve got to lean into yourself. Part of the problem is, you’re so used to leaning on the opinions of others, and that within itself makes you stall out, shrink back and stop yourself from taking action. You’ve got to learn to trust yourself, and trust your ability to make sound decisions.

 Be mindful, that doesn’t mean that for big decisions you shouldn’t seek wise counsel, but it does mean you should not be going to three or four people asking for their advice on one on a topic. And know that wise counsel means I’m going to go to the wisest in this area of expertise to get some insight on possibilities. And they’re still probably not going to tell me what I should do. They’re probably just going to give me some scenarios to weigh in on and consider.

 So stop asking other folks and build your own self trust, even if you’ve let yourself down in the past. We’ve all made some wrong turns. You need to learn how to trust and lean on your own decision making. Making the mindset shift from “what if” is so important, because a lot of times we get overwhelmed because when we’re faced with an important decision, we’re like, what if this happens?

 What if that happens ? What if what if ? What if ? Most of the “what if” situations that we brainstorm don’t even happen. So imagine how much you miss out on in life if you make decisions based off of what doesn’t even come to pass. So shift your mindset from “what if, what if, what if” to “even if, even if, even if”, because that’s just how big, bad and bold you are.

 Even if this decision goes south, even if this isn’t the absolute best option, even if there are other alternatives out there, even if other people don’t agree with the decision I’m going to make, EVEN IF… I’m going to come out on top, I’m going to make this thing work. I’m going to leverage any mistakes for opportunities to learn. I’m going to become better on the other side of this decision.

 Even if everything under the sun could possibly go wrong, I’m still going to bounce back. So shift your mindset from “what if” to “even if”.

 And then number three is really simple. Write down the problem and the potential solutions, sometimes just getting it out of our head and start toying with our thoughts. It really helps bring this sense of clarity.

 Just seeing it on paper or simply making a voice note in your phone saying out loud, sometimes when we just say it out loud, we answer ourselves. It’s like, oh, now that I hear it, it’s pretty straightforward that I should go this route. So give yourself the space to just get it out of your head and onto paper or get it out of your head and say, OK, it helps with the processing, it helps connect the dots.

 I felt like sharing these three ways to make decisions with confidence was important because you are called to do big things and that’s going to require big decisions, it’s going to require you being able to make decisions that go against the grain sometimes, decisions that are foreign to you, decisions you’ve never had to make before.

You have to be able to stand firm on something, some type of framework, some type of strategies to help you show up in those moments and not shrink. Whether you’re afraid or not. You can trust yourself and really and truly, if you do nothing other than shift your mindset from “what if” to “even if,” that alone will give you the strength you need to make those decisions, whether you’re afraid, whether you are nervous, it does not matter.

You’ll be able to say “even if they can’t look me in my face after I make this decision”, even if I don’t know where the resources are going to come from to support this thing, even if…I’m going to be OK. So I hope this helps you start making decisions with more confidence, let me know, reach out to me on Instagram, let me know which one are you going to implement? Which one do you think is going to work best for you or help you the most on your journey to making decisions with confidence ?

 Get what you need from this and share the rest with someone else.


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