From Corporate to Coaching 5-Day Challenge

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From Corporate to Coaching 5-Day Challenge

Create Your Coaching Program from Scratch, Even if You’re Still Working Full-time.

Learn how to transform your corporate knowledge and experience into a high-impact coaching program, even if you’re still working full-time.

You have been crushing it in your career but want to share your knowledge and make money while doing it. You realize you want to be known for more than just a leader in your field, but rather a legacy builder for your family. The truth is, you can be a leader in the workplace AND launch in the marketplace. Walk away with your signature coaching program in hand and transform your know-how and expertise into an expanding knowledge business.

Quickly and easily learn how to put together your own online coaching program and teach your audience how to expand their impact and transform lives using their knowledge and expertise.

About me

Hey there, I’m Brittany Sherell.

I am a qualified and experienced online coaching program creation specialist. I have been helping hundreds of individuals create, publish and profit from their own online coaching programs, and I can help you create an informative online coaching program that actually drives results. It will allow you to share your knowledge and expertise with others and create something meaningful outside of work that creates impact and income.

By signing up for this challenge, you will learn strategies to elevate your business skills, set up your coaching practice with ease, and serve your clients at the highest level. I have experience serving universities, colleges, and non-profits and provide assistance with coaching program creation for entrepreneurs, individuals, small business owners, speakers, authors, and thought leaders.

In other words, teaching how to create coaching courses and programs has been my professional vocation and passion. I am passionate about sharing the program creation process with other people so that we can all make a difference in our unique ways. In this 5-Day Challenge, I will show you exactly how you can create your coaching program so that you’re fully equipped with this life-changing and crucial skill forever.

Discover the simplest and best way to generate multiple income streams online from your knowledge and expertise.

Is it Right for You?

This 5-Day Challenge is right for business owners and entrepreneurs who:

Would like to learn how to package and sell their skills and expertise for revenue

Would like to create a repeatable coaching program they can sell again and again

Want to promise and deliver specific results

Considerably increase your industry reputation, earn a passive income, reach a global audience and impact people's lives all around the world. Let me help you create your online entrepreneurial course and develop a highly successful online business - the simple way!

To have a highly successful and effective online coaching program, you need a reliable system that actually works - not guesswork. This 5-Day Challenge provides you with a highly effective and simple system for planning your student journey and ensures that your course idea will sell.

I will cover the critical components for developing a highly engaging and high-impact coaching program for your audience. After this challenge, you will be able to create a coaching program without burning out or spending every day on your laptop or tablet or walking around with your smartphone glued to your hands.

At the end of our 5 days together,
you will have learned

Day 1

Mindset Mastery for a 5-Figure Launch

Day 2

Align Your Personal Strengths with a Profitable Coaching Niche

Day 3

The 3-Step Formula to Create Your Curriculum with Confidence

day 4

Build an Unbreakable Coaching Backend with These 3 Tools

day 5

3 Strategies to Launch Your Program Without a Large Following

Ideal for Entrepreneurs at all Levels

Are you an entrepreneur wondering, “How do I even begin a coaching program?”

Perhaps, you are an established coach who has been in the business for years but just never gained traction with your coaching program. This 5-Day Challenge is perfect for any entrepreneur looking to put together an excellent coaching program

This 5-Day Challenge Includes


LIVE Training Sessions to Learn and Get Your Questions Answered in Real-Time


Daily Challenge Assignments So that You Can Take Strategic Action


A Community of Other Corporate Rockstars like You for Support and Accountability

What else you will get?

With this 5-Day Challenge, you will learn how to put together a ready-to-teach entrepreneurial course, saving you several months on content creation. You will also learn how to attract more people to your course so that you can close more sales and earn more profits. After this challenge, you will be able to edit and customize your material to fit your market.

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