Do you struggle to put yourself forward and be seen in your business? Are you afraid of failing or even being visible?

You're Already Big Business...
Start Showing Up Like It.

Ready to activate your Big Business Mentality?

Together we’ll create a safe, non judgemental
confidential space where you’ll be pushed to dream big,
and take up space, and speak your truth unapologetically.

this could be you

client success stories

I didn't know where to start. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew I could execute it, but I did not have clarity on the how. Brittany helped me shed my imposter syndrome and confidently embrace my gift. Brittany has so much confidence and desire to see me be the best version of myself. I doubted myself but she spoke life into me in areas that I could not see for myself. Brittany has an innate ability to focus her clients' thoughts and priorities. She is an excellent listener which allows her to identify the exact help that you need. She genuinely cares and wants to see you thrive."

seem to stay stuck in Your Head?


Stuck, anxious, constantly overthinking,
insecure, secretly fearing what other people might think,
Feeling unworthy, constantly comparing yourself, hiding, out of alignment Uneasy, unfulfilled,
Stagnant on goals despite knowing what you want to do, out of touch with yourself, feeling like you should be further along in life?

The I AM BIG BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is for women like you who want to pursue their BIG GOALS with Unshakeable Confidence so you can live the life you truly deserve.

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The I AM BIG BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is an 8-week Group Coaching Program that walks you through step-by-step how to finally shatter the self-doubt and second-guessing yourself, by teaching you proven strategies to gain crystal clear clarity about your identity and self-worth, so that you can develop the tools to rewire your thinking from fearful and anxious to bold and bulletproof, all while activating an undeniable drive to dream and do bigger things in life than you’ve ever done.

the application process: how to apply

here's how it works

step 1: application

There's an application process to see if you qualify for the program because I'm only interested in working with women who I know I can help get results. Apply to work with me by completing the application, and I will get back to you to within 48 hours to let you know if you qualify.


On the Consultation call, if I'm 100% sure you're a good fit for this program, I'll invite you to join the program. We can get started immediately with the next steps from there.


If you're qualified for the program, my team will reach out to you to schedule a free consultation. The purpose of this call is to determine if you're a good fit for the program. On the call, I'll ask some questions to learn more about your goals to make sure we're a good fit to work together.


If you accept the invitation to join the program, you will complete a contract and payment. The program pricing starts at $1597 (early bird rate) and goes up to $2297 (for regular enrollment). There are monthly payment plans available that range from $875 to $1,225 for early bird and regular enrollment, respectively.


what to expect in this program

Crystal clear clarity about your identity and

8 weekly virtual group coaching sessions with Weekly Assignments that grow and stretch the way
you see yourself

The Tools to Rewire Your Thinking from Fearful and Anxious to Bold and Bulletproof

Free Access to the I Am Big Business Online Curriculum and Workbook

An Undeniable Drive to Dream and Do Bigger Things in Life than You’ve Ever Done

An exclusive and intimate setting to bond with other driven women who share the same desire to finally unlock a fierce mindset that emanates unshakeable confidence

client success stories

"Before I worked with Brittany, I thought I had an issue with being vulnerable. What we uncovered was that my real fear was of being judged. It took some questioning and some deep thinking, but Brittany guided my thought process in such a way that I was able to come to that conclusion pretty quickly. I got done feeling light, like a weight had been lifted. And I left with a plan in place to tackle my resistance. If you are considering working with Brittany or hiring her to speak, I strongly advise you to move forward. Her work is changing lives, and you will feel such a sense of empowerment and clarity once you're done. "

"I was overwhelmed and struggled with limiting beliefs. I've learned from Brittany how to give myself grace. Brittany helped me easily recognize what did not align and did not deserve so much of me." ARETHA A.

"The words meticulous, precise, and authentic are words that come to mind when thinking about Brittany. She is a rare combination: Brittany is a seasoned business strategist and an expert life coach who has superb insight on matters of the heart. Brittany’s coaching is obvious, but she offers something much more important, I believe, to any breakthrough discovery session: passion. It is a passion that is fueled by her business background and life experiences of helping other entrepreneurs, which brings a level of keen intuitiveness and mindset transformation. For all these reasons and more, I believe that Brittany Sherell will help you make your mark in this world in ways that you have not yet imagined. Personally, I wish that there were more coaches like Brittany, willing to help you step outside of your comfort zone to identify areas in your life that are holding you back from greatness! Brittany Sherell is an amazing coach and human being!"
Dr. Vernell D., CEO Relentless Pursuits Unlimited

this program is for you if:

- Professionals, entrepreneurs, or other high achieving women.
- Women who crave the ability to boldly pursue their goals.
- Women who have a level 9 or 10 (out of 10) commitment to their growth and are ready to “do the work.”
-Women who who are willing to give as much as they get, and be vulnerable, honest, and supportive

this program is not for you if:

- You are not coachable and willing to follow the process
- You are not 100% certain that you're willing to financially invest in working with me to develop your mindset and gain tools to accelerate your goals
- You are not willing to be transparent so that we can maximize your results
- You are not committed to following through on doing the work

frequently asked questions

answers to your questions

when does the program start?

The first cohort of 2021 kicks off on March 15th. The bootcamp is 8 weeks and runs through May 3rd.

will i have enough time to do the work in this program?

I ONLY work with BIG BUSINESS women, which means I already know that your time limited, that's why everything I offer whether it's my book, my podcast, my coaching's all straight to the point with tons of value in a short amount of time. I'm going to skip all the rhetoric and get you straight to taking actionable steps each week. Here's what that looks like: You'll have access to the online curriculum and workbook that you can work through on your own pace by dedicating about an hour each week, and our weekly coaching sessions are 60-minutes.

are there payment plans available?

There are payment plans available for each of my programs. Space is limited in each of my programs, so in order to save your spot you must pay an initial deposit otherwise your spot may be given away.

I am interested in just one private consultation. Am I able to work with YOU 1:1 for a consultation?

All of my programs are tailored so that you get long-term results as you implement the strategies I teach. While it is possible to work with me 1:1 for a program, I do not offer one-off consulting sessions. You will have to book a paid Breakthrough Discovery Session to get access to private 1:1 services.

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