You know in order to grow your business, you gotta start “putting yourself out there” more, but your stomach does flips just thinking about it. Do you have an idea or goal but feel confused or overwhelmed by it? Do you struggle to put yourself forward and be seen in your business? Are you afraid of failing or even being visible? Do you seem to overthink your ideas and just want a straightforward action plan to get it done?

Our Approach


You know in order to grow your business, you need to be more visible and be more comfortable with being the face of your brand, but seems like something on the inside makes you just want to run off and hide in the crowd to cheer others on, while you run from the true call on your life. Together we’ll create a safe, non judgmental confidential space where you’ll be pushed to dream big,  and take up space, and speak your truth unapologetically. So that you can grow your life and your business.

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take strategic action

90-Minute VIP
strategy session

In this 90-minute 1-on-1 Session, We will take a deep dive into your business to identify your next best steps to create strategic impact and income. This is a high-level working session where we establish strategic action steps to bring your ideas to life with clarity and unshakeable confidence. We will explore a specific challenge you are having and develop a customized plan and review viable software/systems for you to use based on your specific needs.

this is for you if

Have a business idea, or valuable skills or experience, but unclear on how to bring it all together and package it for profit? We’ll build out your action plan together.

⊗ Have knowledge, skills or gifts, but unclear on how to package it for profit? We’ll map out your coaching program or course together.

⊗ Been making some progress in your business, but need to learn tools and strategies to streamline your processes so that you can get more done in less time?

We’ll systematize your business tasks and routines so that you’re not burnt out from juggling your business and being a leader on your job.



√ 90 Minutes 1:1 Virtual Meeting

√ Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

√ Session Notes + Action Plan

when we work together you'll learn how to


→ Spot the loopholes in your strategy so that you can operate with clarity

→ Clearly articulate the value of your services so that your language makes it crystal clear why your future clients NEED to work with you

→ Implement systems, processes and/or software tailored to your needs to streamline your strategy so that you can create an organized sense of flow within your business.  


accelerate your results

12 Week coaching experience to turn your idea into a business offer that's ready to sell in 8 weeks or less

 Enroll in the Launch Your Idea Coaching Experience where you will learn step-by-step how to finally shatter the overthinking, second-guessing yourself, and the secret insecurity that surfaces when you think about being the face of your brand. Learn how your brain is prompting a fear-response as I teach you proven strategies to gain crystal clear clarity about your identity, self-worth, and rewiring your brain so that you can overcome the fear of promoting yourself and being visible so that your business and life can grow. This program teaches you a step-by-step system to turn your ideas into a business offer that’s ready to sell. 

this is for you if

⊗ Have knowledge, skills or gifts, but unclear on how to package it for profit? We’ll map out your coaching program or course together.

⊗ You’re an ambitious visionary with ideas that you want to launch but you don’t want to waste time or money trying to figure it all out and simply crave a no-fluff step-by-step system that you can repeat for a lifetime to transform your ideas into business offers that are ready to sell

⊗ You’ve achieved success in your life but still feel stuck on how to make more money while also creating more free time for yourself

⊗ You’ve been feeling tired, extremely drained, empty and even resentful because you’ve lost the excitement in your work

⊗ You’re feeling completely burned out and basically at your wit’s end and wondering why you’re so successful, yet still feeling trapped

imagine if...


√ You enjoyed stability and work/life balance while also growing your business,

√ You confidently stepped into your CEO role more fully while feeling secure, grounded, and supported.

√ You owned your time & had more energy because your business was fully aligned with the vision, goals and lifestyle God desires for you…

√You stepped fully into a life of purpose and legacy by leveraging your God-given gifts to create a sense of fulfillment in your life and a legacy of impact throughout the world

when we work together you'll learn how to


→ Spot the unconscious thoughts and behaviors that hold you back from achieving your goals.

→ Unhook from the conditioning that leaves you feeling like you are never enough.

→ Quiet the external and internal noise to get a clear picture of what YOU want for YOUR life.

→ Rebuild self-trust so you can go after your dreams with unshakeable confidence.

→ Find contentment right now, even if nothing else changes in your life.



⇒ Weekly Coaching calls for 12 weeks (a total of 12 sessions) to work through launching your specific idea and address what comes up as you put your business strategies into practice.

⇒ Access to Coaching Session Replays so that You Can Revisit Action Steps and Aha Moments

⇒ Weekly training, worksheets, and step-by-step action steps to teach you strategy and to help you process what we discuss.

⇒ Communication with me between coaching calls via a private community. I’ll be there if you get stuck, feel overwhelmed, or want help processing a situation.

⇒ An exclusive and intimate setting to bond with other driven women who are on the same mission to launch powerful programs that impact the world at large.

success stories

will you be next?

hiding will

hinder your impact

do not hide

ABOUT brittany

coach |author | speaker

A few years ago, Brittany found herself with a good job, loving family, multiple degrees and suddenly realizing that something still felt “missing.” She knew she had a good life, but there was something nudging her on the inside that she was called to do more in life than just good, she knew she was called to do GREAT, but it took lots of time, energy and money to figure it all out. Now that Brittany understands the freedom that comes with being fulfilled, she’s committed to helping other high-achieving women how to activate the biggest, baddest, boldest version of themselves so that they can overcome the fear of being seen in their business. 

"You're already Big Business, I help You Start Showing Up Like It."
Brittany Sherell
executive mindset coach
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