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"As a result of working with Brittany, I've regained my confidence to just go and get what I want. I gained clarity over the trillion puzzle pieces that laid before me and I now know how they fit together and what to do. She not only managed to maneuver through all the obstacles with ease but to help me center myself and find ways to run my business that work for me. She also showed me that I kept undervaluing myself and skills, and that I am indeed big business. I've learned to see myself this way know and am so happy I'm no longer chasing after what others are chasing, but chasing my own unique dream, my way, unapologetically and most importantly happily!!!”

Christina K. Founder of The Dreamer's Sanctuary

"Brittany helped me turn my passion for makeup into a booming business that generated more than my full-time job."

Amber P. CEO of Amber Christina Beauty

“When I met Brittany, I needed to focus on building an audience. I needed to adjust my mindset on showing up consistently on social media. Working with Brittany reassured me that I am meant to be on this journey and that I am Big Business and should operate as such at All times. Brittany is relatable, funny, spirit-led and is the queen of ahhhhmazing & meaningful acronyms. I suggest that if you're considering working with her, that you don't delay, grab her now before the price increases.”

Harmoni B. Owner/Chief Innovator of Different by Design


    "Like everything that is meaningful, and heartfelt, Brittany preaches and teaches what she does in life...real life. She has been such an inspiration for so many people who are looking to get their bearings in their own lives. I highly recommend this life compass for the good she does in the world."
    – Linda Murray Bullard
    CEO LSMB Business Solutions