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Leverage the Knowledge and Skills You Already Have to Create Impact Throughout the World

Teaching emerging entrepreneurs and thought leaders how to package their knowledge and expertise into a high-impact coaching program.

There are a lot of factors that go into creating your coaching program. Take the guesswork out of which tools you need to power your high-impact program. The Killer Program Playbook includes more than 10 of the Top Tools You Need to Run a Powerful Online Program. Download the Playbook Today.

I get it. You “look” like you’re a big deal on paper, but secretly
you wonder if it’s really enough.

You have the degrees, the good job, and a loving family, but as of late…you’ve been feeling compelled to do more. Most folks around you, both personally and professionally, look to you as a leader, and you know it has a lot to do with the knowledge and expertise you pass along that helps them get results. You’d love to create a way to monetize and multiply that impact, but how do you even begin to package knowledge and experience into a powerful program that gets you paid?

What you are looking for is a results-oriented process

What you are looking for is a results-oriented process to go from just being a “helper” who just shares your insider knowledge and processes freely meanwhile leaving yourself feeling burnt out and depleted, to Becoming a “headliner” in your industry who is known to be the go-to resource for results and remarkable transformation.

Hi, I’m Brittany Sherell,

…and I help my clients leverage their knowledge and skills to create high-impact coaching programs they can be proud of.

Learn step-by-step how to transform your ideas into a powerful coaching curriculum with clarity and  confidence, even if you don’t know where to start. We will cover everything
you need to know about the insider mindset, marketing and management strategies that
will set you apart in the online coaching industry. You already know enough and you
already have enough experience to create massive impact as an online coach. Now that
you understand your purpose, it’s time to amplify it with a process.

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Created to Coach Online Accelerator

  • 12 Weeks of Strategic Action + Accountability
  • Online Learning Portal for On-Demand Access to Modules
  • Join exclusive community of coaching rock stars
  • Templates + Guided Worksheets to take the guesswork out of how to implement right away
  • Opportunity to submit your work for weekly critique
  • Weekly Q&A sessions so that you’re always clear on your next best steps
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of program

Ready to step more fully into your calling?

You were created to coach, gain the clarity to do it powerfully.

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