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I Get It. You “Look” Like You’re A Big Deal On Paper, But Secretly You Wonder If It’s Really Enough. You have the degrees, the good job, and a loving family, but as of late…you’ve been feeling compelled to do more. Most folks around you, both personally and professionally, look to you as a leader, and you know it has a lot to do with the knowledge and expertise you pass along that helps them get results. You’d love to create a way to monetize and multiply that impact, but how do you even begin to package knowledge and experience into a powerful program that gets you paid? 

What You Are Looking For Is A Results-Oriented Process


What you are looking for is a results-oriented process to go from just being a “helper” who just shares your insider knowledge and processes freely meanwhile leaving yourself feeling burnt out and depleted, to Becoming a “headliner” in your industry who is known to be the go-to resource for results and remarkable transformation.

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Brittany is a former middle school educator, turned coach and consultant. She founded her personal development and training brand in 2019 with a minimal viable plan and maxed out commitment to purpose. Since then, she’s coached hundred of executives and entrepreneurs to new levels of power and performance. She enjoys trying new coffee blends and sp..

Learn the 7 Coins of Confidence so you can start showing up bolder than ever before!

To empower and educate you on how to break free from the fear of being seen and heard in the spotlight.

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⊗ Have a business idea, or valuable skills or experience, but unclear on how to bring it all together and package it for profit? We’ll build out your action plan together.

⊗ Have knowledge, skills or gifts, but unclear on how to package it for profit? We’ll map out your coaching program or course together.

⊗ Been making some progress in your business, but need to learn tools and strategies to streamline your processes so that you can get more done in less time?

We’ll systematize your business tasks and routines so that you’re not burnt out from juggling your business and being a leader on your job.


⊗ Have knowledge, skills or gifts, but unclear on how to package it for profit? We’ll map out your coaching program or course together.

⊗ You’re an ambitious visionary with ideas that you want to launch but you don’t want to waste time or money trying to figure it all out and simply crave a no-fluff step-by-step system that you can repeat for a lifetime to transform your ideas into business offers that are ready to sell

⊗ You’ve achieved success in your life but still feel stuck on how to make more money while also creating more free time for yourself

⊗ You’ve been feeling tired, extremely drained, empty and even resentful because you’ve lost the excitement in your work

⊗ You’re feeling completely burned out and basically at your wit’s end and wondering why you’re so successful, yet still feeling trapped


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You desire to work one-on-one with qualified curriculum developer and educator Brittany Sherell so that Brittany can work WITH you to help you complete your course plan outline ready for you to film. 

Brittany can also help map out the journey or content for a membership academy, plan out a delivery structure as well as edit and design course, slide and workbook content for the best learning experience in this partnership.


Brittany will help you gain a full outline of your course title, subtitle, learning outcomes, module titles, lesson titles, delivery methods for each lesson and key teaching points for each lesson.

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I'd love to find the perfect spot to chat with you about your goals, aspirations for the future and where you see yourself in 5 years.

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