Brittany Sherell

Keynote Speaker + Trainer

Creating Safe Spaces for Leaders to be Transparent About Leadership Challenges Without Fear of Losing Credibility. 

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speaking topics

Decision-Making Strategies

Leaders develop a decision-making toolkit to help guide their process as they navigate difficult or unprecedented decisions so that they can take powerful action with confidence. 

Confident Communication

Leaders spend about 80%  of their workday communicating, yet a Harris Poll survey indicates 69% of leaders report feeling uncomfortable communicating with employees. Walk away with a 4 step process to develop your leaders’ communication.

Overcoming the Fear of Sales/Self-Promotion

The fear of self-promotion costs women alone on average $500,000 in wages by the age of sixty. Imagine how much that same fear costs your organization because your employees shrink back. Learn what happens in the brain to trigger that fear and what to do about it today.

How to Build a Strong Leadership Brand

You have a brand, even if you think you don’t. What makes up your personal brand and how do you build a brand that honors your authenticity while also creating authority and powerful impact?

Student Leadership

Student Leaders develop a deep understanding of their responsibility as a leader, working through things like accountability, collaboration, delegation, and communication.


High-performers learn quick, practical strategies to incorporate self-care and mental/emotional wellbeing practices in their daily routines.

Signature Framework: M.O.V.E.

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